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Central Coast Aquarium

50 San Juan Street
Avila Beach, CA 93424

Phone: (805) 595-7280

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What: Self-Guided Tour of Central Coast Aquarium
When: Check the website to confirm current Aquarium hours
Reservation Needed: No

Stewardship Travel along the CA Highway 1 Discovery Route in coastal San Luis Obispo County (SLO CAL) engages visitors in over 50 bite-size activities and contribution opportunities. Stewardship Travel adds meaning and fun while immersing visitors deeply in the natural and cultural heritage experiences that California’s unique Central Coast has to offer.

The mission of the Central Coast Aquarium is to cultivate a community dedicated to ocean stewardship. The Aquarium was born from a passion for the sea and community and is committed to providing opportunities centered around education, engagement and action. Based in Avila Beach, the center expands the aquarium visit by offering a fun, hands-on experience that fosters education and encourages stewardship of our oceans.

The Aquarium has grown to become a valuable community resource. It serves as the epicenter of knowledge about ecosystems that impact all our lives. At the very core, our organization is led by a mission to educate and inspire everyone through education programs, outreach and offerings.

Understanding the very unique marine ecosystems is vitally important for several reasons. Not only do the world's oceans cover about three-quarters of the earth's surface, they directly affect our atmosphere which means the state of these ecosystems directly affects us all. Get the opportunity to take the ocean home with you by becoming a steward of this natural resource.

Through hands-on exhibits, outdoor excursions and laboratory lessons, the Central Coast Aquarium aims to impact everyone who walks through our doors, and positively influence their perspective toward this very important part of the natural world.

Gain a deeper connection on vacation through activities and charitable donation opportunities that protect wildlife, habitat, and cultural heritage sites.
This activity selection includes:
*A learning activity and/or outing
*An educational center
*A conservation/heritage donation opportunity through Central Coast Aquarium

Thank you for being a Stewardship Traveler along the Highway 1 Discovery Route.

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